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Private Escorts Australia on Mind-Blowing Manual Clitoral Stimulation Techniques

Australian EscortsPrivate Escorts Australia not only ensures to leave you with a new definition for sensuality and pleasure. They are also open to teaching you a thing or two that can transform you into the ladies’ man you’ve dreamed of becoming. Imagine women hooking up with you for you not for sex, but for orgasm… Turn that fantasy into a reality as the private girls of Australia reveals techniques for a mind-blowing manual clitoral stimulation to make her cum – again, and again, and again…

Contrary to common men’s belief, a simple flick of the tongue will not earn you the ‘the wild woman in ecstasy’ response – not unless she fakes it. Just like giving someone a massage, creating an eye-rolling climax for your woman needs a combination of various techniques to build up the delicious sensations to last, and peak into an eruptive orgasm – not just once but multiple times. There are various ways to achieve just this and have any woman beg more of you.

But before trying anything, it is crucial to understand the biological make-up of those pretty vajayjays. The clitoris is unexposed and is hooded to be protected from overstimulation which can lead to discomfort and even pain. To start, enjoy a steamy foreplay until she’s moaning… That’s when you slide down to nestle your face between her thighs…

  • With your mouth shower kisses on her womanhood, this is a good tease to make her want more. Another thing you can do with your mouth is blowing; however make sure the clit is wet when you do so. Blowing on it dry can be uncomfortable.
  • Then comes the flicking. Remember: no one size fits all – different women enjoy different levels of pressure. So while at it, try to apply various amounts of pressure with your tongue. Test it, and observe how she likes it and stick with that much pressure. The time you start slowly building on the pressure is with her climax nearing.
  • Lick throughout teasing on her clit and around the various folds, then deeper – further sliding your tongue inand out of her. One area to experiment on and explore is the area between her vagina opening and anus which is full of nerve endings for an overwhelming tingling sensation.
  • While doing all the licking, use your hands to further stimulate her. With the other hand, cup her ass giving it occasional squeezes. Then finger her – in and out while flicking on her clit. This will make her writhe and wriggle like a worm in no time.
  • This is the part when she is in her ‘wild woman in ecstasy’ phase. And when you feel cum oozing from her, gently suck on her twat for that lingering pleasure that would leave her trembling in delight. This is the time when her clits are very sensitive – and you can take advantage of this for multiple orgasms.

Be the man of women’s dreams… Learn from our sensual gurus atPrivate Escorts Australia.Enjoy a hot time learning and experiencing carnal pleasures like never before.





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