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Thinking about kinky sex with private escorts in Australia?
If you want to take it slow, the best way to stay kinky is to use sex toys during sex. Sex toys range from dildos, vibrators, vibrating panties, penis rings and so much more. There are all sorts of sex toys that are available in the market and your local sex shop if you are up for it. Today, the industry is worth $15 Billion in the United States alone and is predicted to increase by 30% the next year.

Sex toys are mostly aimed at women, from dildos to phallus-like products. An estimated 44% of women use sex toys and they are happy with it. A whopping 76% of women achieve orgasm by using sex toys and prefer it that way than having actual penetrative sex. Good news is, there are 23% of women who like to play with their dildos while having sex; now that’s kinky!

Private escorts in Australia love to bring out their bondage toys such as whips, handcuffs, feathers, etc. 20% of men and women had admitted to using these toys during sex. There’s still plenty of room to go around! If you plan to go kinky with these ladies, you can wrap your chocolates with the hottest and kinkiest sex toys you have.

If you plan on picking up a sex toy for private escorts in Australia, bring something made from hypoallergenic material, particularly silicone. Those made out of rubber can irritate private parts and can be very uncomfortable. If you are kinky enough, you could bring her a strap-on to be used on you or another escort (if you want to have a threesome).

The next time you look for a gift for a significant other, bring her a sex toy for Valentine ’s Day. Not only will you be having sex, you are assured that your partner is fully satisfied and have plenty of orgasms even when you are not around. *wink

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